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Many high speed multi-plunger pumps create tones and pulses that can be harmful to the piping system and be extremely annoying.

Typical applications include multi-plunger hydraulic pumps, gear pumps and refrigeration compressors.

With the Flo-Dyne acoustic filter, it is possible to completely eliminate these tones and pulses by the application of our simple low pass acoustic filter design.

Using a multiple chamber design with connecting choke tubes, we are able to provide proven acoustic attenuation that will virtually eliminate tones and pulses from high speed positive displacement pumps and compressors

Treatment of noise created by high pressure multi-plunger hydraulic pumps, is achieved
by the application of a low pass design acoustic filter,
acoustic filterwhich is designed to attenuate the dominant frequency and the most significant harmonics.

Each acoustic filter can be built to be welded directly into the piping with connecting nozzles supplied bevelled and ready for welding to the pipe system, or each unit may be supplied with couplings or flanges to match the mating connection.

The multi-chambered acoustic filter is designed to filter or attenuate the predominate frequency and significant harmonics of the pump. Using computer simulation response curves, Flo-Dyne engineers can
check each acoustic filter design for each application.


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