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Release of air, natural gas, nitrogen oxygen or other process or hydrocarbon gases will often cause high noise levels which are dangerous to plant personnel and may be environmentally unacceptable.

Whether the release of the gas is planned or unexpected, Flo-Dyne can offer the most economical approach by optimizing silencer design to produce a guaranteed solution through selection of silencer pressure drop and flow velocities within the silencer appropriate to the duty and noise level required.

Flo-Dyne's atmospheric absorptive silencer model type BOS can be supplied with or without an inlet diffuser to let down the inlet pressure so that it is suitable to pass through the absorptive part of the silencer at near to atmospheric pressure prior to finally exhausting to atmosphere.

Where the silencer is provided with an inlet diffuser then the diffuser is constructed to the requirements ASME pressure piping and vessel codes, with either X-Ray, Ultasonic or penetrant dye examination. Were possible diffusers are also
vent silencer schematicpressure tested after welding.

The pressure drop across the inlet diffuser is selected according
to the duty of the silencer, we can examine the pressure losses through the pipework and recommend the most suitable silencer pressure drop for the vent duty.

If there is a significant length pipework between the venting
valve and the silencer, the pressure drop across the venting valve may lead to high noise levels being radiated by the pipework.
Flo-Dyne can advise on noise levels radiated by pipework in such cases and make recommendations for mitigation.

Silencers may be packed or pack free diffuser only types
depending on the duty requirements. Where a packed silencer is needed the packing material will often be chosen from glass
fibre, mineral or ceramic fibre as considered appropriate for the operating conditions.

The structural design of the Flo-Dyne Vent Silencer is given the same thorough attention as its acoustic design. The external shell is constructed of seamless pipe in smaller sizes and continuously welded rolled plate in larger diameter silencers. Mounted horizontally or vertically, pads or cradle type supports are available for easy installation.

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