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Compressor silencers and inline compressors silencers are often specified for centrifugal and axial compressors which create broad spectrum noise with peaks at the blade passing frequencies. In addition many piping systems suffer from propagation of low frequency noise both within the gas stream and along the pipewall, which if not effectively attenuated can result in the acoustic performance of the silencer being compromised. The custom designed Flo-Dyne compressor inline silencer will treat these special noise problems to give a highly effective silencing solution.

The blade passing frequency of a high speed centrifugal or axial compressor will often fall somewhere within the 1KHz to 4KHz octave bands. The frequencies within these octave bands result in wavelengths which are comparitively short especially when contrasted with the wavelengths of the low frequency noise which propagates along the pipewall.

compressor in-line silencerOptimum design of a compressor silencer requires not just an engineering solution to the acoustic baffle as well as the containing shell.

Flo-Dyne engineers will custom design the entire acoustic baffle and the containing shell providing an optimum total silencing solution thereby ensuring that the silencer is at its most effective during operation.

Failure to provided the correct balance of:

Fibre diameter;
Fibre Bulk density;
Fibre composition;
Perforated plate hole diameter;
Perforated plated hole spacing;
Perforated plate thickness;
Flow passage configuration;
Flow passage width / length
Packing depth;
Packing protection measures, mesh / cloth screen properties;

Will result in poor acoustic performance and high pressure drops.

compressor silencer on testIn-line compressor silencer being prepared for its hydraulic proof test.

This silencer was designed for operation at 200 BarG and to provide a guaranteed 20 dB(A) overall attenuation with specific attenuations specified for each octave band from 63hz through to 8KHz.



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