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In-line control valves or regulators often generate high levels of noise that is radiated by the following pipework.

Typical measures to combat this pipework radiated noise include acoustic insulation and quiet trims for valves. Both of these options can be expensive and in the case of acoustic insulation introduce an ongoing maintenance cost as the integrity of the insulation may deteriorate with time.

Flo-Dyne's answer to this problem is to provide a purpose built in-line silencer that will attenuate the noise emmited by the control valve or regulator and prevent it from entering the downstream line to be re-radiated.

Built with a diffuser, the drilling pattern is selected to provide a reshaped noise spectrum and optimum back pressure for the valve.

The annular core construction consists of long strand glass fibre densely packed and anchored in place by a heavy gauge perforated facing, a layer of fibre glass cloth and a stainless steel screen.

The diffuser and acoustic baffle have been proven in thousands of Flo-Dyne silencers with guaranteed noise levels and pressure drops being achieved time and again.

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