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Lobe type and multi-vane compressors generate high-energy noise levels at the fundamental and initial harmonic frequencies. With no absorptive pack, rugged construction and high quality materials, this multi-chamber design is tuned to handle these frequencies and is very effective in reducing tonal radiation from the pipe work connected to these machines.

Using a powerful computer design program Flo-Dyne can predict and analyse the blowersilencerperformance of each silencer application, Flo-Dyne engineers are able to adjust internal dimensions and observe the effects on performance to ensure optimum performance is achieved.

Internal dimensions can be adjusted to observe the effects on acoustic performance and pressure drop.

Pressure vessel fabrication techniques are used to ensure absolute integrity in operation. It should be remembered that although at the line connection the flow is smooth with the noise and pulsation attenuated by the silencer, at the machine connection there are still high levels of noise and pulsation emanating from the machine.

Construction materials are chosen to match the process gas and duty but will typically be ordinary carbon steel and stainless steels.

All welding is performed by ASME IX qualified welders with penetrant dye, magnetic particle, radiography and ultrasonic examinations available.

Post weld heat treatment is often necessary on larger units to relieve the built in construction stresses.


The graph shows actual measured dampener performance that equates to over 30 dB reduction in pulsation level at the fundamental pulsation frequency and the first harmonic at a flow rate of 29,000CFM @ 68°F from a rotary blower.



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