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Incinerator stacks are often required to run at very high temperatures at which normal atmospheric silencers are unsuitable as the materials and design simply cannot withstand the heat.

high  temperature exhaustFlo-Dyne's high temperature exhaust design can withstand temperatures for continuous operation of up to 900 degrees centigrade without problems.

The use of high temperature alloys and packing materials allowes the equipment to be designed in one case for transient conditions up to 1250 degrees centigrade.

At these high temperatures, structural design and cyclic life considerations due to thermal stresses are of the utmost importance otherwise units may collapse on themselves due to their own weight.

high temperature exhaust transportTypically these silencers are designed to be inserted into the exhaust stack to sit on cross members within the stack.

All silencers are guaranteed for their noise reduction, pressure drop, and working life.

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