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Gas compressors and ejectors create broad spectrum noise with distinct peaks at frequencies related to the motive stream nozzle dimensions. The noise levels generated by the high pressure ratios across the motive stream nozzle, can reach very high levels inside the pipe which, if left untreated may cause acoustic fatigue damage to the downstream pipework as well as exceeding local noise levels requirements for personel protection.

Designed for the short acoustic wave lengths produced by motive steam noise, each silencer is custom engineered using a computer program developed by Flo-Dyne. The program enables Flo-Dyne to match the silencer components, the packing, the passage with perforated acoustic facings to the acoustic and flow characteristics of the system.

ejector silencerPressure drop across the silencer is minimised through the use of profiled passage ways to reduce turbulence at section changes within the silencer.

Packing is protected by a triple layer sandwich of fibre glass cloth and stainless steel screen to prevent loss into the gas stream.

The silencer may be built as a pressure vessel to the requirements of British, American, European and Indian pressure vessel codes. Equipment may be CE marked to meet the requirements of the European Pressure Vessel directive.

Flo-Dyne's proven design and our capabiltiy to
predict and meet noise levels means that all of our equipment is guaranteed to meet your requirements, whether the ejector or gas compressor is exhausting to atmosphere or to high pressure in the downstream line.

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