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Pulsation dampeners are often necessary for multi-plunger high pressure reciprocating pumps which produce damaging levels of pulsation and vibration. These forces can be significantly reduced by the Flo-Dyne non-charged maintenance-free pulsation dampener which is completely filled with the pumped liquid. Our unique spherical in-line design results in optimized low weight and cost and is ideal where rubber bladder or metallic diaphragm types cannot be applied.

discharge dampenerLiquid filled pulsation dampeners work due to two crucial features of the design.

The volume is selected by Flo-Dyne to provide sufficient bulk so that when each plunger discharges its slug of liquid the compressibility of the liquid will absorb a proportion of the pulsation energy. The volume of the dampener must be chosen to be massive compared to the slug of liquid discharged by each plunger on each stroke, and not too large as to be uneconomical for manufacture.

Where required we can offer discharge pulsation dampeners that work upon this feature of compressibility of the volume alone, however such dampeners tend to be both massive
and expensive.

Pressure drop
Every Flo-Dyne's liquid filled pulsation dampener has inlet / outlet nozzles which impose a back pressure onto the pump. It is well known that pressure drop alone will reduce pulsation levels, however, Flo-Dyne's proven arrangement will both impose a pressure drop as well as impart a rotational velocity to the liquid volume creating a fluid flywheel. This arrangement improves on simple single orifice type arrangements and introduces the added benefit of flywheel smoothing as well as energy absorbtion due to increased friction losses at the walls of the equipment that simply are not there with simple flow through designs.

discharge dampenerProven Design
The Flo-Dyne liquid filled pulsation dampener is a proven design which has been keeping reciprocating pumps running smoothly for over 40 years.

The equipment is fit and forget, it is maintenance free with no moving parts and may be permanently welded into the line. Typically the dampener will reduce discharge pressure pulses by 75% depending on the type of pump, connected piping system and liquid handled.

Carbon steel construction is standard, but other materials such as 304/316 stainless steel, duplex or super duplex steels are available for pressures ranging from 50 Bar G to 400 Bar G as standard.

Units can be built to all British, European, American and Indian pressure vessel codes.

All pressure equipment can be CE marked to comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive requirements.

Fluids handled are:
Hot oils

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